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Stanford Consent & Communication (CoCo)

CoCo (formerly Stanford Anti-Violence Education Program) is an inaugural sexual and relationship violence prevention program launched in Spring 2016 by SARA in partnership with the ASSU Sexual Assault Prevention Committee. 20 committed students were trained to facilitate workshops and trainings to their peers on the topics of consent, communication, sexuality, relationships, and violence prevention.

These peer educators facilitate educational workshops. One workshop the CoCo Peer Educators facilitate is designed for Frosh, which serves as an intentional continuation of the NSO Beyond Sex Ed program that occured during Fall Quarter Week 2.

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Meet the CoCo Peer Educators 


Angela Lee '19  Psychology, Minor: Human Biology & Communication

I think that my favorite SAVE moment of this quarter was when our conversations about identities and relationships became a place for people to feel comfortable sharing about their own lives, reflecting on their identities and how these influence their relationships, and connecting with their friends about these difficult topics. Relationships and sexuality can be so hard to talk about, but it always amazes me how deep and meaningful these conversations can become. 

Gia Colgan '18 Human Biology, concentrating in Gender, Sexuality & Health

The first day we all met was amazing. The other facilitators (and of course the SARA Office folks) are all spectacular people, and there was an amazing energy and excitement to the room.

Jasmine Mueller-Hsai '18  Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Sexuality (broadly defined) is one of the most intimate and far-reaching aspects of our lives. It encompasses our identity, experiences, and interactions with ourselves and others. This means that sexuality has great potential to enrich and empower us – and to hurt us. Being a SAVE peer educator is another way for me to help prevent some of that hurt and promote some of that pleasure.

[more to be updated as of December 2017]

Learn more about the Stanford CoCo Program.