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Medical Options

Medical resources provide diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, & referrals for medical complications of sexual and/or relationship violence-related issues. In addition, they care for physical injuries and can test for STIs, pregnancy, & unintended drug ingestion.

Medical options are confidential, although medical personnel are required by California law to report to the police instances where they observe physical injury caused by assault.

SART exams: Some medical resources (e.g., Santa Clara Valley Medical Center) are able to perform forensic evidence collection processes (“rape kits”).

Information about Unintended Drug Ingestion/"Date Rape" Drugs

Vaden Health Center

Appointments: 650-498-2336, ext. 1

Urgent advice: 650-617-2576

*Vaden does not perform SART exams.

Emergency Department, Stanford HealthCare

900 Quarry Road Extension


*Stanford Emergency Department does not perform SART exams.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

A victim advocate from the YWCA can support in the SART exam & forensic evidence collection process & provide confidential & anonymous services throughout the medical, legal, & administrative procedures.


Sexual Assault Response Team (SART): 408-885-6466