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Beyond Sex Ed

 Consent & Sexuality at Stanford

Beyond Sex Ed: Consent and Sexuality at Stanford is a transformative experience for incoming first-year undergraduates at Stanford, which features personal stories from current students, supported by a framework for thinking about sexuality interpersonally and culturally.  

Students collaborated with Stanford’s Sexual Assault and Relationship Abuse Office to create this program, which asks students to intentionally develop their own sexual citizenship. Beyond Sex Ed for first-year undergraduates provides a thoughtful space to learn about, discuss and share stories of sexuality, reflecting students’ lived experiences as well as the surrounding systems of culture that influence those experiences. The program’s underlying philosophy is to engage the culture from the inside, out: cultivating empathy, agency, and growth in community.

Beyond Sex Ed: Part 2

Join your peers for a night of student storytelling, self-reflection, and community.
Family, Romance, Friendship, Love, and more...

Our goal is to bring people together in their communities to continue meaningful conversations at this mid-year point when we might feel low, isolated, out-of-touch with the things that matter most… or just need a good human-to-human touchpoint. We will actively be breaking down walls to connection and building the skills of relationships. While it’s hard to make time for something that doesn’t find its way onto our to-do lists, you will be glad you came!

BSE2 promotes mental health and wellbeing, authentic belonging, and the skills for intimacy and empathy -- helping us see the human in all of us.

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The inaugural Beyond Sex Ed program was held in fall of 2016.

All artwork for the program was custom made by Eva Jordan. To contact Eva, email